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Mika’s new look!  I have his blue eyes in, as well as his new shoes from Tata’s Paradise, and a kick-ass dinosaur hat with gloves from Closet Monster.  He is look really cool now, don’t you think?  (Roar! says Mika)

I’m still trying to finalize who goes where and how much room each…room has so I can put up the wallpaper and posters and such.  For now they are stuck with the boring wood panel walls. :/

Creating my own lightbox tonight.  Will post tomorrow, if I haven’t managed to blow up the apartment somehow.

Also, bought a little family to keep Hedwig company. Pictures tomorrow, too.  If I remember. >_>

Some shots of my work from last night.  WELL, my husband added the sunburst designs to the tabletop, but the rest was my less-impressive handiwork.  I also scuffed up and painted the books to give them an aged, less polished work. Finally I painted the keys so they looked a bit more..interesting than flat silver.

What do you think?

Found this “Lil Woodzeez” Honeysuckle Hollow General Store at Target.  It appears to be a Sylvanian Family knock-off for younger kids (but far less expensive than SF).

I had hoped it would work for my incoming PukiPuki, but using a 4” broom as a measure, I’m concerned it will be too small. :/   Which would be a shame because it’s ADORABLE.

Update:  Well I’ve been putting the set together and I can already see where I want to repaint things.  I also realized it’s probably 100% perfectly scaled for Real Pukis!

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